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   Here you can find answers to common questions regarding the usage of your account with Lonestar. If you have a question which you cannot find answered here, please send e-mail to support@lstar.net.

Available Topics

  1. Getting Started
    1. How do I login to the system?
    2. How do I connect with FTP?
    3. How do I connect with Telnet?
    4. How do I change my password?
    5. Where do I put my files to make them visible on the Web?
    6. What is my URL?
    7. How do I change my personal information?
  2. E-Mail and POP3 Access
    1. How can I use POP to access my mailbox?
    2. How do I access additional mailboxes at my domain?
    3. How do I change the password on a Virtual POP Mailbox?
    4. Where can I get a POP mailreader for my system?
    5. What mailreaders are available via Telnet?
    6. How can I change the From address on my outgoing e-mail?
  3. Troubleshooting
    1. I can't login to my account!
    2. I uploaded files, but my Web site is still empty!
    3. My Domain name won't resolve!
    4. My imagemap just returns "Server Error"!
    5. When I try to run a CGI script, I get "Server Error" or "Permission Denied"!
    6. When I try to run a CGI script, I get "Method Not Implemented"!
    7. When I try to run a CGI script, I see the contents of the script!
    8. When I try to show the contents of a script, it runs as CGI instead!
    9. I transferred my account from another provider, and some things don't work anymore!
  4. CGI
    1. Can I use CGI programs?
    2. What CGI scripts are available on the system?
    3. How do I reference scripts in the system CGI directory?
    4. Where do I put my custom CGI programs?
    5. How do I see the errors from CGI programs?
  5. SSI
    1. Can I use SSI commands?
    2. What SSI commands are available?
  6. Web Server
    1. Where do I find my access logs?
    2. How do I add a new MIME type?
    3. How do I prevent remote users from getting a directory listing in my site?
  7. Miscellaneous
    1. Where can I find Perl, and which versions are available?
    2. Where can I find sendmail?
    3. Where can I find other programs?

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