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Where do I find my access logs?

Transfer logs can be viewed by visiting your website: http://www.yourdomain.com/log-stats/
Detailed statistics are added to the graphical report daily, including popular search key words used to visit your site, your most popular pages and other highly useful information to help you successfully market your website. You will need a recent browser that support PNG graphics (4.0 or greater) to view your graphical log report!

If you require access to raw NCSA/common-log-format logs, please e-mail us for more information.

How do I add a new MIME type?
In your htdocs subdirectory or any subdirectory thereof, you can create a file called .htaccess and place, among other things, AddType commands in it. The syntax for AddType is:
AddType application/octet-stream dat
AddType image/pnm pnm
These examples indicate that any file ending with dat is a plain binary file (to be downloaded, not viewed on-screen), and that any file ending with pnm is a special image type (which most browsers will not recognize for display purposes at this time, unfortunately).

A wide variety of MIME types are already recognized by the Web server; contact us for a complete list.

How do I prevent remote users from getting a directory listing in my site?
The easiest fix is to supply a index.html file in every directory. To create an empty index.html, use this command via Telnet:
touch index.html
Or you can upload any sort of index.html file you like, including one with a message for nosy users.

You can also change the permissions on a directory to 711 to prevent directory browsing; this will generate a "Forbidden" error message instead of a blank page.

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