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Mail : Configuring Outlook Express 6 : IMAP

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We recommend you print this page to refer to while configuring Outlook.

How do I configure Microsoft Outlook Express? (Outlook 2003 users should click here)
IMAP mail retrieval
Step 1.
After loading Outlook Express, click on Tools and then click on Options. When you create a new account, you'll be prompted for your full name:
Step 2.
Enter your e-mail address:
Step 3.
Select "IMAP", and use "mail.cscweb.net" for both your incoming and outgoing mail servers:
Step 4.
Use your login (ie: "pop12345") for your account name, along with the associated password:

Step 5.

Step 6.
Right click on the newly created mail folder and select "Properties":

Step 7.
Select the "Servers" tab and check the box under "Outgoing Mail Server" for "My server requires authentication":

Step 8.
  1. Select the "Advanced" tab.
  2. Within the Advanced tab, Select "This server requires a secure connection" for BOTH Outgoing and Incoming mail.
  3. Change the port number for "Outgoing Mail" to 587 (instead of 25), to bypass any outgoing mail restrictions your ISP has in place.
  4. Click OK - you're done!

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