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How do I retrieve my e-mail via the web?
The fastest, simplest and most secure way is to use our Webmail system. No configuration is required on your computer to use it and you avoid the hassle of entering POP3/IMAP/SMTP server settings. Plus, your e-mail is accessible anywhere in the world with a web browser!
Visit http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail

Enter your e-mail account login, usually of the form "pop#####" followed by the password assigned to that account

Click Here to Launch Webmail
or visit http://www.yourdomain.com/webmail

How do I retrieve my e-mail with a standalone e-mail client?
You'll need an e-mail reader that supports POP3 or IMAP mail retrieval. If you don't have an e-mail client, we recommend you use Thunderbird (available for Windows, Linux and OS X):
Qualcomm's Eudora is also a great program, available for Windows and OS X:
Make sure you pick Eudora "Light" mode after installation if you wish to remove the banner ads within the program (or you can purchase the software from Qualcomm to receive all the features of Eudora Pro without the banner ads).

Specific E-Mail Software Configuration Information:
How do I change my e-mail password?
E-mail us with your POP3/IMAP login name (ie: pop44921) and the new password you would like and we will reset it for you.
How do I add a new e-mail account to my domain?
E-mail us with the additional names you would like @yourdomain.com and we will create them for you. If you do not supply passwords in your request, we will auto-assign them.
How do I forward mail from my domain to my ISP e-mail?
E-mail us with the address at your domain name and the address you would like mail forwarded to at your Internet Service Provider. For example, you could request sales@yourcompany.com to forward to your AOL account, BobSmith3434@aol.com.
What settings should I use for my mail client that isn't listed above?
Incoming Server (POP3/IMAP): mail.cscweb.net
Outgoing Server (SMTP): mail.cscweb.net
  • Port 587
  • Use SSL
  • Use Authentication
Login Name: Your POP3/IMAP login. Case sensitive. Example: "pop12345". All e-mail account logins will be formatted "pop" followed by 5 digits.
Return Address: The return address associated with your "pop#####" login. If you do not configure this setting, your outbound e-mail will have an incorrect "From:" header (pop#####@yourdomain.com instead of your true e-mail address).
What about using Pine from my shell account?
You'll need to use IMAP to access your local e-mail account. After loading Pine, hit "S" for setup, then "C" for configuration. Scroll down to inbox-path

You'll use
as your inbox-path (substituting your real login for "pop#####"). After saving this configuration, your inbox will now retrieve mail from your POP3/IMAP box at your domain name.

Contact us for additional pinerc settings!
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