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How do I convert IP address in my Web logs to fully qualified host names?

To convert IP addresses to host names, you must use the program logresolve. This can only be done on our servers via Telnet; unlike other log processing operations, you must be online in order to perform the necessary reverse nameservice operations.

logresolve is a simple filter. It accepts common logs on its standard input, and generates those same logs on standard output, with host names substituted for IP addresses whenever possible. Example:

logresolve < transfer.log > fqdn.transfer
This command would convert your common log.

Please note that logresolve can take a very long time to run, even though it seems to be doing nothing. This is because each attempt to look up a host name generates a query to a remote nameserver, which may or may not answer or be configured properly. In many cases, you will not be able to obtain host names for an IP address.

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